How to Strengthen Your Postpartum Pelvic Floor

A quick-start guide to less leaks in 3 weeks using yoga & breath practices

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During movement or activity, do you feel frustrated and embarrassed by leaks?

Feel pain? Feel disconnected from, or a lack of trust with your body? Forget to incorporate your breath?


In about 10-minutes a day, learn quick and easy tricks for connecting to your pelvic floor. In this three-week course, you will learn the anatomy of the pelvic floor, how to use your breath to build strength, and how to incorporate this body knowledge into yoga postures.

By the end of this course, you will... able to identify what exactly a pelvic floor contraction is (commonly called a “kegel”) and what it should feel like.

...find you’re leaking less and maybe even feeling confident enough to try the trampoline with your kids.

...know how to coordinate a pelvic floor contraction with your breath. able to incorporate the pelvic floor into your yoga practice and daily life so you have more control over your bladder and a more stable trunk.

21-Day Curriculum

A new video lesson will become available every 24 hours. The time of day depends on the time you first access the course. Ex: If you enroll at 7am, all future videos will be released at 7am. Follow along daily or work at your own pace. You have access to all videos for 1 year. Preview the whole curriculum.

Dr. Mandi Murtaugh, PT, DPT, WCS

Hi, I’m Mandi (she/her). I am a board-certified Women’s Health Physical Therapist whose aim is to collaborate with and nurture you to be your healthiest you. My aim is to help you do the things you love without limitation—whether that is caring for your family, hiking through the woods, or being intimate with your partner.


My passion is nurturing individuals throughout the childbearing years—from those who experience pelvic pain or fertility struggles; moving through pregnancy, the fourth-trimester & beyond; to wise elders in their peri- or post-menopausal years. I believe each season of our life comes with its own unique gifts and challenges, and I work to honor the cyclical nature of life while helping individuals embrace each season to move through it with grace and ease.

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